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          6277 3 IN 1 MEN’S WINTER PARKA
          OUTER JACKET
          SHELL: 150D plain mechanical stretch+TPU+30D tricot
          Lining:210T polyester taffeta for body, sleeves and hood
          Removable hood closed by snaps with elastic cord and stoppers
          Full front waterproof zip fastening
          Left chest pocket closed by waterproof zipper
          Two below pockets closed by waterproof zippers
          Cuffs adjusted by velcro 
          Hem adjusted by elastic cord and stoppers
          All seams taped

          INNER JACKET
          SHELL: laminated fabric(140 g/ m2 fleece+polyester+100 g/ m2 fleece)
          Pocket lining: 210T polyester taffeta
          Full front zip fastening
          Two below pockets